My Newest Gadget – Bodymedia Link

Three weeks ago I lost 3 pounds. Yay!

Then over the next two weeks I gained them back, along with 2 more. Boo!

I have all the motivation to exercise that I need. What I don’t have is the commitment to cook eggs for breakfast instead of having a LARGE bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Or the willpower to stay away from chocolate Easter bunnies.

Three weeks ago, I did have all that. Why? Because I’m an information freak. I was logging all of my calories to My Fitness Pal just like I should. I was saving all of my workouts to Fitocracy so I could “level up” and get props from complete strangers. All of my runs were going into Nike+ so I could see where I ranked in mileage among my friends. (#3 for March!) I love logging and tracking all of this information.

Here’s what the “health” folder on my iPhone looks like. And I use all of these regularly.

iPhone fitness apps

The problem was, my friend Tiffany’s Facebook stream looks like this:

  • Lost 3 pounds this week
  • Burned 696 calories in my Zumba class
  • Lost 2 more pounds
  • Down an inch in my waist
  • Killed 1354 calories at Jani’s master Zumba class
  • etc

Blah. How does she know how many calories she burns? I estimate 600 for every one-hour Zumba class but I don’t know how accurate that is. And I sure don’t trust the calorie readout on my treadmill. So I asked her – to appease my inner information-junkie. And she told me she uses a Body Bugg. Well, I guess they are now Body Media instead of Body Bugg, but you’ll hear both. This morning she sends me a coupon code for 20% off! So I ordered one. (Click here if you want one, too. I’ll get a little kickback that maybe I can use to advertise my classes or buy some more whey protein or…)

bodymedia link

Here’s what the little “bugger” (get it?) looks like – it’s a white armband that you can see in the lower left corner of the image just to your right. You’ve probably seen them on Jillian Michaels or the Biggest Loser competitors. By the time I added in shipping and sales tax, it was almost back to the original price, but I’m still excited about it coming shortly in the mail.

So if you drive through my hometown and see someone running with their iPhone on one arm and a Bodymedia Link on the other, that’s probably me. Tracking mileage via my right arm and calories via my left arm. It’s an addiction.

What about you? Are you a technology addict – do you love gadgets like this? Are you an information freak, or do you do better just applying the tenets of clean eating and regular exercise without tracking everything to the nano-calorie level? (Yes, I just made that up.) Let me know below…I’m curious.

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