My Crazy New Obsession

We made one of our common treks to Disney World a couple of weeks ago. When we got there, the road was blocked, and all of a sudden my husband says, “Oh no, I forgot it was the marathon weekend!” We still made it to the Magic Kingdom, had a great time and all – but all the runners were there too. You could pick them out because:

A. They had on expensive running shoes
B. Many had on those cool non-cotton shirts, which said “I did it!”
C. They all had on MARATHON BLING

OK, I have to admit, I’ve never seen these medals before. They were huge. They were gold. I think they had Donald Duck on them. And they were cool… I wanted one.

Disney Marathon Medals

So now I’m unofficially training for a half-marathon (“because I’m only half crazy”, as the bumper sticker says). I haven’t registered for a race or anything, but I downloaded the half-marathon training manual and started it this week. Two maintenance runs down, and a 3-mile run this weekend. I’m not too worried – I did 3 miles just a few weeks ago. The next week is 4 miles. Still ok; I’ve done that before too. By February, though, I’m in to 7-9 mile weekends. That has me a little worried!

If I make it that far, I think I’ll treat myself to some of those expensive running shoes, even if I have to shoplift them (kidding!)

PS – I got my 9-year-old son out running with me, which should help his base running in Little League and travel ball this spring. He’s a motor mouth though, and talks continuously through the runs. I have to send him back to the house at my halfway point just so I can get some “me time” while running.

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