Father’s Day Flashback

I totally skipped over this on Father’s Day, but I wanted to share what the kids and I made for Pete. Found on Pinterest, of course. The original is over at Two Girlz Stuff but it’s nothing more than a picture. Still, it was enough to go on!

Father's Day Shadow Photo

Note my older daughter’s feet on the left…too cute 🙂

My First Tunisian Crochet Scarf

One of my favorite downtime activities is crocheting. In order to qualify as downtime, it has to require very little counting, so mostly I make rectangular things like scarves (very useful in central Florida!!!), blankets, and pillows. So I told my girls I would make each of them a scarf. My youngest picked out a yarn in a variety of pinks and greens, and I decided to do a Tunisian single stitch.

Front Side

This is how the front side looks after completing a few rows. If you don’t know what Tunisian (aka Afghan) crochet is, this picture gives you an idea. It’s a kind of middle ground between traditional crochet and knitting. The hook is longer, doesn’t have a thumb rest, and has a stopper on one end to prevent the yarn from slipping off – because you cast onto the hook like you do in knitting during the forward pass. The backwards pass then works the loops back off. You never flip the fabric, so the front and the back look very different.

Back Side


This picture shows the back side, or “wrong side” of the completed fabric at the same point.

The hardest thing about Tunisian crochet is how it likes to curl up! If you block your completed work, it’s supposed to be much better, but my daughter was too impatient to get her finished scarf for me to try. I guess that’s a good sign. Here’s a picture that shows the completed scarf and how it curls.

Finished Scarf

All that remains at this point is to tie off and weave in the ends to create the finished product:

Finished Scarf

I’m hoping one day soon I can take it back long enough to block it, but she likes it so much she’s worn it to school and karate here in August. Makes me feel good that she loves it so much!